Casa del Atalaya

We invite you to be part of THE HOUSE OF THE WATCHTOWER

When: Monday to Friday 9:00am-1:00pm

Where: 2868 Jerome Ave, Bronx, New York

Benefits of Casa del Atalaya:

1. Participate in an environment of Prayer.
2. Learn to talk to God and know what is in God’s mind.
3. Enjoy support in prayer for you and yours and for your purpose and plans.
4. You participate in prayers for families, your interests, your city and nation.
5. Identify the different models of Prayer revealed in the word of God.
6. Employ tactics of defense and offense against the believer’s enemy, his demons and strategies
7. Take advantage of all the biblical promises, among countless other benefits.
8. Recruit people to participate on their available day as well as recruit those who cannot participate in person to participate in the respective prayer lines.