Eagle or ostrich?

Since you have been raised with Christ, seek the things above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God. Focus your attention on things above, not on things on earth. (Colossians 3:1-2)

Do you look more like an eagle or an ostrich? The eagle is an imposing animal, it has extraordinary vision and is a symbol of strength, power and glory, even in the Bible. The ostrich is a huge, heat-resistant and extremely fast bird, but it cannot fly. Its nature conditions its existence to the earthly dimension. He is limited to what the soil can give him and is vulnerable when his head is ‘literally’ on the ground.

There are many analogies out there relating these animals. Here we would just like to draw attention to this: think of heaven! Although we are on earth like the ostrich, our abode and our main goal must be in the heavenly regions. Fly high like the eagle does.

Our new nature in Christ allows us to live heavenly fullness, flying high by faith, prioritizing the right things, thinking and acting as citizens of heaven.

Think of things above

Pay attention to your focus: the world limits our vision, making us forget what really matters.

Change your way of thinking and acting: seek to be more like Jesus.

Think of heavenly promises – reflect on how fleeting life on earth is.

Pray and feed on the Word daily. God renews your strength like that of the eagle.

Despite the ostrich’s qualities, he cannot fly on his own. Christ is the one who places us in the heavenly regions. Be humble and grateful!

Establish yourself in God and in his power. Don’t get attached to the small things of this earth.

For Pray:

Lord my God, help me to think and act like someone who will dwell in heaven. Teach me not to live attached to the passing things of this world. Give me strength to focus on what really matters, loving you above all else and loving everyone around me. I ask you in the name of Jesus, amen.


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