Our ministry

OUR VISION: A Multi-Cultural church of Multitudes distributed in cell groups where every disciple Shares Jesus Christ publicly and from house to house in the power of the Spirit.

The origin of our church was like this: In 1988, Pastor Luis Fernández bid farewell to young Marisol Martínez, who was leaving for New York City, USA, from the Dominican Republic, telling her, “Go, because from your home will come a new church.” Meanwhile, in the state prison of Fishkill, NY, the Lord called brother Salvador Sabino to heaven and showed him a great multitude, saying, “Preach my Word.” Subsequently, the Lord told brother Sabino three times to work with Pastor Pablo Fernández, who was then an Apostle and Bishop of the Christian Churches Fuente de Salvación.

Upon reentering society, Pastors Pablo and Bernarda Fernández entrusted brother Sabino to strengthen the cell in the Martinez family home at 975 Walton Ave. Apt. 3C/S in the Bronx, NY. Home meetings grew in attendance.

The brothers preached Christ from house to house and publicly almost every day of the week. On Sundays, they traveled to Jersey City, gathering in the mother church as one large family to worship God. As worship ascended, the brothers received God’s word confirming the opening of the new church, as cells multiplied through public preaching and home meetings. Brother Salvador Sabino, the cell leader, dreamt that the needed temple for the expected opening of the new church was at a train stop from where he lived at 2685 Grand Concourse, where the cell was multiplying geometrically. Thus, on December 16, 1990, the doors of Creston Avenue Baptist Church, located just one train stop away, i.e., Fordham Rd., opened to start the first Christian Church Fuente de Salvación in the Bronx and plant the flag for the first time in New York City.

The joyful brothers continued serving God, winning souls for Jesus Christ. The young church grew to greater proportions, with notable achievements such as:

1. ACQUISITION OF OUR TEMPLE: On December 4, 1993, under rain, a group of about 120 brothers, local members, accompanied by representatives from the Christian Churches Fuente de Salvación of Jersey City and the Charismatic Christian Church of Elizabeth, marched to their own temple at 2868 Jerome Ave. Bronx, NY, singing together: “God did not bring us here to go back; He brought us here to possess the land He gave us.”

2. FIRST RADIO AND TELEVISION PROGRAM: La Biblia en Acción, later becoming Atrévete a Cambiar in February 2010, broadcast through Radio Visión Cristiana, 1330 AM.


3.1 Shaddai Worship Center in Brooklyn, November 4, 1995, with Pastors Alejandro and Socorro Guillermo.

3.2 Heavenly Vision at the United Palace Theater in Washington Heights, Manhattan, on December 28, 1998.

3.3 Celestial Vision Christian Center of Long Island, on July 15, 2000, with Pastors Vicente and Mónica Guzmán.

3.4 Raah Shamayim Christian Center in San Pedro de Macorís, D.R., on December 22, 2010, with Pastor Salvadora Sabino.

3.5 One Vision South Bronx, with Pastors Robert and Jenny Piñeiro, February 2012, NOW GOSHEN.

3.6 Heavenly Vision CD12 Bronx NY, August 5-6, 2017, with Pastors Francisco and Xiomara Peralta, and Pastor Elsa Rodríguez.

3.7 International Celestial Vision, August 26, 2017, with Pastors Peter and Alejandrina Contreras.

3.8 Ra’ah Shamayin Praise House, August 12, 2018, Pastor Bienvenido Batista.

3.9 PALM BAY CELESTIAL VISION CHRISTIAN CENTER: Pastors Máximo and Sandra Guzmán – November 4, 2018.

3.10 Celestial Vision Christian Center in Santo Domingo, D.R.: Pastor Mirella Portalatin, August 22, 2019. 3.10 Revive church, March 9, 2019, Pastor Michael García.

3.11 Celestial Vision San Antonio, Texas, February 23, 2020: Pastor Elsa Rodríguez. 3.12 Celestial Vision Bridgeport, Connecticut, March 05, 2020, Pastors Luis and Ana Mateo. 3.13 Celestial Vision of Hannover, Pennsylvania, September 03, 2022, Pastor Norca P. Colon.


4.1 Cristovision Media Ministries, Inc., June 1999.

4.2 The Sabino Evangelistic Association, Inc. (THE SEA), June 15, 2000.

4.3 Prayer Mountain Retreat Center in South Westelo, NY, June 2007. Today, Celestial Vision Christian Center has a growing membership and a generation of leaders, preachers, and fivefold ministry servants who serve Jesus with love, passion, and conviction, forming a family of men and women filled with the Holy Spirit, love, and faith. They have reached a common agreement to establish a multicultural church of thousands distributed in cells by the year 2020-2025, composed of 10,000 members and 2,000 cells with 5 to 10 disciples each, all united in the Spirit to glorify God.

Brothers, let us grasp the vision. Let’s do something great for God! Let’s conquer New York for Christ! “…I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision…” Acts 26:19.